Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alton Brown Book Signing

So today, I got to meet Alton Brown at a local book signing. This came about very last minute though and I'm still surprised that I actually pulled it off.

This morning, after dropping my son off at preschool, I rushed home to meet the plumber. Our garbage disposal was broken and had clogged up the kitchen sink as well. Anyway, as the plumber worked on our broken disposal, I decide to log onto Facebook. That's when I saw that a friend had posted a status update that he was on his way to Sur La Table in Arlington to see Alton. Alton Brown has a new cookbook/coffee table book called Good Eats: The Early Years.

I love Alton and really wanted to see him but it was already 10:35am and the event started at 11:30am. Plus, I still had the plumber here, I was in my workout clothes and hadn't showered yet, my daughter needed a snack and I had to pick up my son by 12:15 and drop him off by 12:25 at his afternoon the heck was I going to get myself to Arlington to meet Alton???!!!!

Well, luckily the plumber finished up quickly and I threw my daughter and myself in the car as fast as I could. I drove us to the gym so I could take a shower while she played in the nursery. After that, I made a quick stop at a local coffee shop and we both ate a much needed snack. Then, I picked my son up from AM preschool and dropped him off at PM preschool. After that, I hopped on the highway and made it to Arlington (a 20 min. trip from my area of Alexandria)in record time. We got to the book signing just before 1pm.

Lucky for me, they had extended the book signing time a little longer. So, I purchased my book and waited about 45 minutes in line to meet Alton Brown. It was so worth it too! I only got to speak with him briefly, while he signed my book but he was so,so nice. And it was such a treat to meet him in person. His show on the Foodnetwork is one of my favorites. I just love his nerdy science teacher like personality.

Next month, Giada! Yep....I'm a crazy, celebrity chef stalker :)

Meeting Alton...he was so nice!

Alton signs our book.

My daughter, so happy to be out of her stroller.

My daughter and I with our copy of "Good Eats".