Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Train Cupcakes

Here are some train cupcakes I made over the summer for a friend's son's 5th birthday. These consisted of yellow cake, traditional buttercream frosting and custom fondant decorations. Overall, I think they turned out OK, but they weren't exactly as I had hoped. I debated posting these but I thought they might still be helpful for anyone looking for train themed cupcakes. There really aren't many out there that aren't Thomas themed.

While I didn't love these, my friend was so gracious and said they enjoyed the cupcakes.

So, what went wrong? Well, let's start with the color. I had wanted these to be a bit more primary than they turned out. I had also imagined better looking trains on the fondant circles. However, I had to really simplify the design to have them fit on the circles.

The frosting was my least favorite part. I had wanted to use a swiss meringue but since it was for a child's party, I worried about allergies and decided to go with a traditional buttercream. I made the frosting a bit too stiff and it didn't pipe nicely as a result :(

I didn't want to do all trains, so I spelled out "Alex" and did a few number "5" too.

Though I wasn't crazy about my train, I did really like my railroad crossing signs.


  1. I don't think these are a fail at all. I think they look great!

  2. These cakes are so tempting & colourful...Nice clicks.

  3. You are so talented (and creative)! I love the little puffs of smoke, adorable!!

  4. These are adorable and so creative! You should give yourself more credit :)

  5. Although I certainly sympathize with your frustration, I think they're darling :)

  6. I love these! I think they turned out really great and I like the colors. Sometimes we women are too hard on ourselves. I know this from experience! ;)