Sunday, February 6, 2011

Buffalo Wings

I know that this post is a little after the fact but I just have to share it. These are the ultimate, perfect Buffalo wings!! Even if your not going to be making these soon, bookmark this recipe because it is simple, authentic and makes unbelievably good wings!!

My son has recently become obsessed with Buffalo wings and when we got invited to my neighbor's annual Super Bowl party, I quickly volunteered to bring the wings.

I got the instructions and recipe for one of my favorite video food blogs, Food Wishes. Chef John is a genius!!

These wings are oven fried to perfection and then coated in an authentic Buffalo sauce recipe. I served these along with celery, carrot sticks and blue cheese dressing for dipping.

The blue cheese dressing was just a store bought bottled brand (Ken's to be exact) but I did sprinkle in a little bit of fresh blue cheese crumbles because....well, I love my blue cheese crumbly :)

I am not even going to post the recipe here because Chef John's videos are so well done and I think you really need to view them to make these correctly. The video was especially helpful in explaining how to cut apart the wing pieces. I would never have figured it out on my own.

Click HERE for the basic chicken wing recipe and click HERE for the buffalo sauce recipe.

Source: Food Wishes