Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Mini Cupakes

This week's posts are going to be all about my daughter's birthday treats. Thats right, she gets multiple cupcakes/cakes (as does her brother) for her birthday. We always end up celebrating the kid's birthdays 3 times. Once at school, then at home for a family party on their actual birthday and finally with a big party on the weekend with their friends. It's a lot but both kids truly love it and for me it's worth the trouble.

So, here are the mini cupcakes with number "3" fondant toppers I made for my her preschool class. The teachers at her school do not like parents to bring in treats with a lot of frosting (especially colored frosting) because the kids usually make a huge mess with these. And I agree. Plus, they don't really need to be eating that much sugar at 10 AM. These minis were a great way to celebrate without going overboard.

Yum! Here she is enjoying her treat with her good friends.

I can't believe she is seems like this was only the other day-sigh...

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