Saturday, April 9, 2011

Princess Castle Cake

I decorated this princess castle cake for my neighbor (and great friend) daughter's "princess and knights" themed 5th birthday party.

The inspiration for the cake came from the brilliant Glory Albin from Glorious Treats. The birthday girl's only request was that the cake be her favorite color, light blue.

While I did the decorating, my friend Polly (who is also my baking partner for Sugar Lane Sweets) baked the cakes. Both the 6 inch round and the 10 inch square cakes were lemon.

The birthday girl and guests loved it. But I'm not going to lie, this was a bit of a challenging project for me. I was getting a little frustrated during some of the decorating and rushed through a bit of it. There were a few of sloppy mistakes but I think all together it came out nice.

The birthday girl (in blue dress and crown) and her princess friends.

My daughter didn't want to dress up as a princess or wear a crown but she still had lots of fun at the party.


  1. Very nice job! I have to admit, it's also comforting to hear about your struggles (even if I don't see them in the final product!) - to know I'm not the only one ;)

  2. I think the cake turned out just beautiful. What a cute concept cake.

    Zomg they all look just cute as heck. Love the pics.

  3. That cake is super cute and I'm sure the girls didn't notice a mistake. I imagine they were in awe!