Sunday, December 18, 2011

White Snowflake and Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

I still owe you all the second slow-cooker mushroom chicken recipe but I'm holding off on that for a bit, so I can bring you some holiday goodies instead :)

I made these snowflake and Christmas tree cookies for my neighbor's annual cookie exchange party. I knew there were going to be some amazing tasting treats at the party, but I decided to good for looks mostly this year...and these fit the bill!

I used my regular sugar cookie and royal icing recipe.

I was given a sample of Dave's Dirty Vanilla to try out and used it in this recipe. So, why is it called "dirty vanilla"? Well, Dave was frustrated with the sub-par vanilla extracts he was using for baking and after much experimenting developed a cold extraction process that yields a vanilla with more subtle flavors and aroma. There is a Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean in each bottle of Dave's Dirty Vanilla! I loved the "dirty" part....the little specks of vanilla seed! To learn more or buy some of Dave's Dirty Vanilla visit his site HERE.

I think the all white cookies look so pretty and sophisticated but the really reason I made them this way was out of sheer laziness-LOL. I didn't want to have to mess with making several different colors for the frosting.

My daughter appreciated both the look and taste of these cookies :)


  1. Lovely! Both the cookies AND the daughter :)

  2. They're beautiful!! I love the white on white icing. Sometimes being lazy pays off :)