Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Collage

The time just before dinner at my house is probably the toughest part of my day. It is usually just me, trying to get dinner made and 2 tired and cranky little kids. So, I often have a quick activity they can do at the kitchen table while I cook.

My criteria for this and any other pre-dinner activity/craft is that it can not make a big mess and must be done independent by the child. This craft fits both. Plus it also teaches them about sorting and they get to work on fine motor skills by cutting and pasting.

There were a lot more "likes"...phew!

Peaches, avocados, peppers are a definite "don't" for my son.

Supplies Needed
pictures of different types of foods (cut from magazines)
glue stick
2 pieces of construction paper

How To
Earlier in the day, clip out pictures from a few magazines of foods (the more the better). If your child is a little older, just give them the magazines and let them cut out the foods themselves. Then label two pieces of construction paper. One is the "like" sheet the other the "don't like" sheet. Then let the kids glue the pictures to the sheets.

This activity is good for 2.5 year olds and up.

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