Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hamburger Cupcakes

I've been wanting to make these SUPER CUTE hamburger cupcakes since last summer. I finally got the chance this past Monday. For labor day, we got together with our neighbors for a casual cookout and I thought these would be perfect. Everyone loved them! Both the kids and adults!!

They are actually very simple to make. Start with boxed yellow cake mix and boxed brownie mix. Then tint some frosting and coconut (if using). Finally, assemble the "burger" and top with sesame seeds.

These come from the brilliant Bakerella and you can check out her site HERE for detailed, step by step instructions.

Below are some additional tips you might find helpful if you want to make these adorable cupcakes.

Tip #1: Bake the cupcakes and brownies the night before. This can be time consuming if done all one day.

Tip #2: Bake the brownies in a 9x13 pan and only use about 3/4 of the batter. You don't want these to be too think or they won't resemble a hamburger patty. Adjust baking time accordingly.

Tip #3: I always have a tough time dying frosting red and have to use a TON of food coloring (yuck). Try to use a non-flavored red color if possible.

Tip # 4: I decided to use shredded coconut for the "lettuce". To dye the coconut, take a small amount of green gel food coloring and mix it with a tiny bit of water. Then put the coconut in a Ziplock bag, add a little food coloring and shake well until it is all colored.

Tip #5: Go easy on the frosting or the burger will look messy. I used boxed cake and brownie mix but decided to go homemade with the frosting, here is the recipe.

Tip #6: Slice off the top of the cupcake to make the top part of the "burger bun". Then slice off a small amount of the remaining cupcake. The bottom won't be so think and will resembles a bun.

Finally, I just had to share these last two pictures. I caught my daughter eyeing these cupcakes...

...and I think she approves :)

Source: Adapted from Bakerella


  1. omg....the most unique cupcakes on the web!!!

  2. heard they were AWESOME too. I think I will need to order some of your amazing creations for a party soon, they really are quiet something and I love checking in to see what Chef Mommy has "just out of the oven". :) CAOL

  3. Love these!!! Cant wait for the directions--great job!!

  4. those are so cute! Thank you for posting it. I hope i can make those cupcakes someday :-)

  5. I remember this post on Bakerella's site! I thought they were adorable at the time, and you did such a beautiful job on yours, too! I made the mistake of showing Anna, and now she's looking for an excuse to make them :)