Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Want to know what I'll be making for our Cinco De Mayo dinner?


Shrimp Enchiladas (I need to take a better picture of these)

I love, love these! Though, I must admit that I don't think it's a very authentic recipe. I'll be serving it up with Mexican Rice (I'm going to try a new recipe) and for dessert....Tres Leches Cake from Pioneer Women!!

How insanely good does that cake look??

So, what are you making for Cinco De Mayo?


  1. I want to jump thru the screen and feast on this now. YUM!!!!!

    I think we'll have chicken mole, homemade tortillas and spiced beans w/ salad for Cinco De Mayo :)

  2. Andrea-

    Your menu sounds soooooooo good!!! You just made me very hungry :)