Friday, February 4, 2011

Giddy Up Cake

Here is the cute "Giddy Up" horse cake I made for a 9 year old girl's birthday party this weekend. I posted a "sneak peek" of the horse topper last week and this is how it looked on the completed cake.

This cake is a classic yellow vanilla cake and frosted in both Swiss meringue and traditionally buttercream. The decorations are all made of fondant.

I was pleased with how it turned out but next time I would add some type of border to the top of the cake. Since this cake is just covered in buttercream it does not have that seamless smoothness that a cake covered in fondant would have. I think the edges look a little rough to me because of it and a border might have given it a nice finishing touch. What do you think...border, yay or NEIGH??


  1. A border would make the edges cleaner looking, but then the horse would need to be smaller/cake bigger... don't know. I think it looks amazing! You inspire me to take a cake decorating class. I've always wanted to, just haven't. We'll see :)

  2. Erin-

    I'll take a decorating class with you! Tiffany and I were going to do the Michael's class last December but the instructor was terrible.

  3. I think you did a great job. I have problems with the seams. Yours looked fine.

  4. I see what you mean about the border issue, but I really like it this way. Just darling ... :)

  5. I've said it before: you are so talented!! Love this new hobby of yours!