Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ballerina Cupcakes

Here is a cute way to personalize cupcakes for the little princess in your life. I made these recently for a play date my daughter had with her 3 best friends. The girls are all in the same preschool and ballet class together. They love ballet so much, that I thought these would make for an extra special treat.

This was a simple homemade vanilla cake (yes, I do use cake mix from a box too) with a simple vanilla Swiss meringue frosting.

To make the ballerina cupcake toppers, I used card stock, a lollipop stick, ribbon and letter stickers.

First, cut out two leotards out of heavy card stock. Click HERE for the template. Then add a lollipop stick to the middle of the leotard (tape in place) and glue both pieces together. The tutu's were made out of wide wire rimmed ribbon and finally a sticker with each girl's initials completed the look.

The girls having fun in ballet class.

Source: Inspired by Glorious Treats