Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nutty Reindeer Treats

Here is another holiday treat I made recently. I saw these on another blog and thought....HOW CUTE!!!

These were made for my daughter's preschool Christmas pageant luncheon. I really would have liked to have taken step-by-step photos but I made these the night before and was in a bit of a rush. They are made with a Nutter Butter cookie that is dipped in chocolate (I brushed on the chocolate), then decorated with a red M&M for the nose, candy eyes* and pretzels for antlers.

Please click HERE for instructions on how to make these.

My little angel (center with the red hairband) performing in the school's annual Christmas pageant.

The kids loved these!!

I individually wrapped each reindeer in a cookie baggie and tied it with a festive ribbon. This kept the cookies fresh and made them an easy take-home treat.

*These are the candy eyes. You can find them at a store like Michaels.

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