Friday, July 24, 2009

Mom Made Foods

For months now, I have been buying these organic mac n' cheese meals at my local Whole Foods for the kiddos. They have become a staple when I have no time to cook and need give them something ASAP!

I don't really buy any other kid's frozen meals (though my freezer is stocked with Lean Cuisines for me). The idea of them just turns me off...additives, preservatives and other things that make me wish I had actually paid attention in chem thanks! However, these Mom Made Foods are made with organic goodness and are preservative free, so I don't feel guilty about giving them to my kids...I feel good about it.

Recently, I learned that the founder of this company is a local mom...yep, right here in Alexandria, VA...who knew? She is even on the same mom's listserve that I belong to...small world, huh?

Mom Made Foods has 2 product lines. They have one for babies, which is all organic baby purees and one for bigger kid's which includes the above mentioned mac n' cheese, pizza bites and other yummy, healthy foods. So, if your looking for a way to feed your kids healthy, super quick meals check these out. You can find their products at SuperTragets and Whole Foods (in Old Town Alexandria)but are also available for purchase at Amazon.

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